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Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning

A good Disaster Recovery Plan is hard to define; it can mean different things to different people. For some it means a way to have a copy of their data somewhere in case something goes wrong, for others, it might mean the full replication of all business functions (not just IT) in a new site and the logistics to make sure it all happens in a timely manner. TCG is able to consult and develop a full Disaster Recovery Plan, based on your business needs, comfort level and budget. We also provide what we consider the core components to insure minimizing most risks of data loss or significant ‘down’ time before restoration of the IT functions necessary to continue operations.

We offer two main categories of support for a Disaster Recovery Plan, E-mail Functionality and IT Data and Systems Recovery. These two work hand-in-hand to provide an effective systems that covers most emergency situations that can impact your IT systems.

E-mail is a critical component of most businesses today. We have had clients, in an emergency situation tell us to be sure we get e-mail operational first, before phones, file storage or database access, it is the primary method of communication and business commitments today. We have partnered with McAfee SAAS to assist us with providing key services to allow e-mail to continue no matter what local disaster my affect our client’s business. We also use their services to provide E-mail filtering to help eliminate spam and malicious e-mails so they do not impact your business. We also offer their E-mail Archiving services to help with compliance mandated under various regulations (SEC regulations, HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, Gramm-Leach-Bliley, etc.)

In an emergency one of the first questions asked is “Where is my data?” quickly followed by “How can I get at it?” TCG’s BDR (Backup/ Disaster Recovery) programs address these questions and much more. We can provide a way to not only protect your data, allow you to get at that data in an emergency but also methods to quickly recover from a server failure and provide all critical business IT functions on a stand-by server. We also provide backup image storage and rapid systems recovery, even in the event of the loss of all of your IT systems.

E-Mail Functionality - McAfee SAAS

  • Security – Spam and malware filtering – eliminate these time wasters and security threats before they waste your bandwidth getting delivered to your network and impacting your systems. Stop them in the cloud.
  • Disaster Recovery - E-Mail Spooling – when your Internet connection or e-mail server goes down, what happens to your in-bound e-mail? McAfee SAAS can help with your Disaster Recovery Plans by collecting that mail and letting you get at it from another, working site. From an Internet Café, your home network, the library, where ever you can get on the Internet, you will be able to log into the McAfee SAAS site and read and reply to all your incoming e-mail. Once the problem has been corrected, all that mail will be delivered back to your normal systems.
  • Compliance – Message Archiving - through their achieving function, allows storage and access to past e-mails (internal and external) for regulatory compliance purposes. You also have a backup of all your e-mails off-site, though this is for historical purposes and does not provide a method to recover your e-mail delivery system.

IT Data and Systems Recovery - TCG BDR

  • Data Backup – an integral part of any Disaster Recovery Plan is the ability to backup, store and recover your company’s critical business data. TCG’s BDR (Backup / Disaster Recovery program can provide a dedicated device to backup not only your company’s data, but full images of your critical servers both locally and off-site, to provide immediate access to any accidental data loss due to accentual deletion, server failure up to the loss of your entire site.
  • Rapid Recovery – the BDR device can quickly take the latest backup image of any critical server or servers (as frequent as every 15 minutes) and create a Virtual server to take its place while your primary server is being repaired or replaced.
  • Rapid Restore – All your files, databases, e-mails (both individual and entire mailboxes) as well as Calendar, Task and Contact items can be quickly restored form your on-line BDR storage device. In the event the BDR has Virtualized one (or more) of your servers, that current data can be transferred to a new or repaired server, even if it is not the same hardware. This Bare-Metal restore is another part of the TCGBDR program designed to keep your downtime to a minimum and give you the flexibility to recover from almost any emergency situation quickly.
  • Off-site Storage – This component of TCG’s BDR programs allow us to provide an unattended backup to an off-site storage facility (actually two offsite storage facilities for redundancy), as well as holding the most recent images for dealing with the loss of the local site, including the BDR device. A new BDR device loaded with the most recent daily image (or just a disk of data, depending on the type of emergency we are trying to recover from) can be sent to a new location and allow Rapid Recovery of all the Critical systems that have been backup up to the off-site storage facility.

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