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Back-up And Disaster Recovery (BDR) Service with Offsite Storage

In an emergency one of the first questions asked is “Where is my data?” Quickly followed by, “How can I get at it?” TCG’s BDR (Backup / Disaster Recovery) programs address these questions and much more. TCG’s BDR solutions protect your data, allow you to get at that data in an emergency, quickly recover from a server failure and provide all critical business IT functions on a stand-by server. In the event of the loss of all of your IT systems, we can access your data remotely and rapidly deploy a new BDR device with your most recent offsite image already loaded.

Backup and Recovery – Our onsite BDR device performs incremental backups throughout the day, as often as every 15 minutes. Data is available for rapid recovery – no more tape hassles. Fully unattended.

  • 256-bit AES Encryption
  • Windows Server 32-bit and 64-bit OS support
  • Files and Folders
  • Database and Applications
  • Exchange Mail backup, Full Information Store, Mailbox and Item
  • Disk-based storage for rapid recovery

Offsite Replication – Your data is stored in two geographically separate secure facilities. Even if you have a full site disaster, your data is safe and can be quickly accessed and recovered.

  • Nightly synchronization
  • Encrypted transfer and storage
  • Flexible scheduling and bandwidth throttling options
  • Administrative alerts
  • Emergency recovery options (additional fees may apply)
  • Download recovery
  • Data on drive
  • Replacement BDR Device

Mailbox and Message Recovery – simple recovery of all stored e-mail. No second server or lengthy recovery process needed, recovered directly from stored images.

  • Recover individual messages
  • Recover Calendar items
  • Recover full Mailboxes
  • Recover Attachments
  • Restore to .PST
  • Restore to a Running Exchange Server
  • Export message
  • Archive search

Standby Server – the BDR device can ‘virtualize’ the servers it backs up and can provide rapid restoration, not only of the data, but of all the services hosted on those servers. This can be done in minutes, not days!

  • Boots directly from the backup image, most recent or at a point in time.
  • Replicates all services and data on failed server, including network settings, transparent to end users
  • Backups continue while the Standby Server is in operation
  • Standby Server can be activated in Real or Test modes

Bare Metal Restore – This feature provides the ability to restore the ‘virtualized’ Standby Server back onto a production server, regardless of the new hardware, greatly minimizing recovery down time.

  • Virtual to Physical restores
  • Virtual to Virtual restoress
  • Restore to dissimilar hardware
  • Integrated driver support
  • Multiple Partition restore
  • Windows Domain Controller support


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